Errata: Known Errors in "Foundations for Scientific Investing" and in the "Q&A Book"

12th Edition FFSI (August 2022) with ISBN 9781991155450

Errors/Corrections in August 2022 Edition

7th Edition of Q&A Book (January 2021) with ISBN 9780995117358

Corrections in January 2021 Q&A Book Edition

11th Edition FFSI (January 2022) with ISBN 9781991155429

Errors/Corrections in January 2022 Edition

10th Edition FFSI (December 2020) with ISBN 978-0-9951173-6-5

Errors/Corrections in December 2020 Edition

Some of these errors are the result of material being moved around during the latest revision. So, some items have accidentally been mentioned too soon relative to where they are defined for the first time. These errors will be fixed in either a revised 10th edition in late 2021 or in a new 11th edition in 2022.

9th Edition of FFSI of FFSI (November 2019; Revised December 2019) with ISBN 978-0-9951173-2-7

Errors/Corrections in December 2019 Edition

Errors/Corrections in November 2019 Edition of FFSI [All revised and corrected December 2019]

8th Edition of FFSI (January 2019) with ISBN 978-0-9951173-0-3


7th Edition (September 2017) with ISBN 978-0-9941386-6-8


4th Edition Q&A Book (February 2018) with ISBN 978-0-9941386-7-5


6th Edition (November/December 2016) with ISBN 978-0-9941386-2-0


5th Edition (January 2016) with ISBN 978-0-9941182-9-5


4th Edition (September 2015) with ISBN 978-0-9941182-2-6


3rd Edition (December 2014) with ISBN 978-0-9941182-0-2/978-0-9941182-1-9


1st Edition of Q&A Book (December 2014) with ISBN 978-0-9941038-7-1


2nd Edition (August 2014) with ISBN 978-0-9941038-4-0


1st Edition (January 2014) with ISBN 978-0-9941038-0-2 (Soft Cover) or ISBN 978-0-9941038-3-3 (Hard Cover)


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Last Updated: October 4, 2023